Lessons in disguise

Maurizio Poletto, George’s father and newly appointed Chief Platform Officer of Erste Group joined the George Podcast for an uplifting conversation. Despite his recent professional change, the designer at heart continues to find ways to motivate employees during the pandemic.

In this seventh episode of the podcast, Maurizio discusses joining the Board of Erste Group and the responsibility and possibility that comes with it. A step which happened in a year of continuous change in all regards of life. According to Mauri, the biggest challenge from a management point of view posed to be keeping all employees motivated and giving them the chance to feel appreciated.

Based on the experiences we have made in 2020, I’m completely convinced that the pandemic will impact the way we are going to work in the future once the pandemic is over. There are plenty of lessons to take with us from this time.

Moreover, Mauri acknowledged the lacking negative impact the pandemic has had on George as a huge achievement. So are the steps George takes towards financial health.

Listen to the new episode of the George Podcast below, hosted by yours truly.

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Daniela Goldgruber

Daniela Goldgruber

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