The developing culture: Engineering embarks on experimenting

The second episode of the George Podcast features Software Engineer Alper Kalaycioglu, who represents the thriving developing culture of the George Team.

Alper has been with George for six years and is a talented practitioner of experimentation as a way to enrich the overall ecosystem. Of the many daily tasks he has to tackle within software development, his main focus is to produce functioning code.

When general quality standards are met, he embarks on finding solutions and making improvements around the underlying pillars of George. As part of the newly formed George Platform Team.

The more you learn and have a hand in new technologies, the more perspectives in solving problems you gain.

Listen to the new episode of the George Podcast below, hosted by Michael Lee.


Keep an eye out for more episodes. In the meantime, you can follow Alper here.

Daniela Goldgruber

Daniela Goldgruber

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