Interacting the agile way

The third episode of the George Podcast features Head of User Interactions Wolfgang Hacker, who played a central part in bringing agile collaboration methods to the George environment.

In the early days of George, the whole team fit at one big table. With every new country joining the George journey, the delivery pressure and expectations turned into quality escalations. As the George team started to grow, Wolfgang took the opportunity to change and enhance the team from competence to cross-functional squads. Designers, Backend Developers, Product Owners and Scrum Masters were added to a new set-up, which enabled the George team to handle all requests and requirements the agile way.

I’ve learned to never give up as long as you are convinced that something can be done better.

Listen to the new episode of the George Podcast below, hosted by Michael Lee.

More episodes are coming your way soon, in the meantime you can listen to the first 2 episodes here.

Daniela Goldgruber

Daniela Goldgruber

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