Test-driven Development at the OpenSlava tech conference

The workshop on test-driven data at the OpenSlava.

Test-driven Development (TDD) is what I am passionate about. Particularly because TDD helps to ship payment systems that work. And that in a high quantity. With the George App and the George web version, we carry out millions of payments per month.

To share our experience and knowledge within the developers’ community, my colleague Pavel Mocan and I decided to offer a workshop at the OpenSlava conference. We were – and of course still are – convinced of TDD being a great way of working. Nevertheless, we were in doubts about others being equally interested in this. To beat the imposter syndrome, we decided to – you guessed it – test our idea. Therefore we carried out a test run by creating a LinkedIn event with the same topic as our planned workshop. Developers from all over the world showed their interest and applied. Test successful.

Nik at the test-driven development workshop running an interactive poll with the audience

The workshop on test-driven Development

16 attendees joined us to build a react app in the workshop, using test-driven development. Small programming sessions, examples of best practice and insights from behaviour-driven-development perspective made the workshop a well-rounded event. We enjoyed the hackathon-vibes stemming from everyone engaging, interaction and working away on the tests. We were happy that the imposter syndrome was after all only that – a syndrome. The attendees were all satisfied with the workshop. They got a certificate of completion and we a lot of positive feedback.

Working on a practical exercises for test-driven development

Despite the workshop being over, we continued sharing our knowledge on this topic also outside of our work. I was invited to The Technologist Podcast were I discussed react and test-driven development. This proved to me, that own passion and interest open doors to pass that alongside the own knowledge on.

P.S. If you are interested in TDD and workshops around that topic, you can connect with us on LinekdIn: Nik Sumeiko and Pavel Mocan

Nik Sumeiko

Nik Sumeiko

Nik makes sure 8 million people transfer money with no trouble every day. He's a payments hacker and software engineer at George. By systematically posting on LinkedIn, Nik champions knowledge sharing and creates growth opportunities for software engineers all around the world. Connect with Nik.

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