Where Code meets Pizza – The Kotlin Meetup

We recently hosted the latest Kotlin Vienna Meetup at our very own FLiP – Erste Financial Life Park at Erste Campus in Vienna.

Entrance to the FLiP - Erste Financial Life Park

Entrance to the FLiP – Erste Financial Life Park


For those of you who are not so familiar with the developer universe: Kotlin is a statically typed high-level programming language. It was developed to interoperate fully with Java. It is also the preferred programming language for Android apps.

Erste Digital and its Backend Chapter have been proud hosts of this event for some time now. They were delighted to bring together a great group of developers once again. Over the years, the Meetup has grown in popularity and has been a valuable opportunity for networking and innovation. And while conversations feed the mind, pizza feeds the body.


Presentation by Mario Fleischhacker and Patrick Lampe at Kotlin Meetup

Presentation by Mario Fleischhacker and Patrick Lampe at Kotlin Meetup


Presentations by Erste Digital Developers

Besides the usual chit-chat among like-minded people, the participants could listen to three presentations by backend developers of Erste Digital. The presentations dealt with different topics, namely an introduction to Spring Boot 3, the possibilities of Kotling, and an introduction to WebAssembly.


Patrick Lamprecht, Backend Developer at Erste Digital
“Spring Boot 2.0 was released on 1.3.2018 and now we just got the release of Spring Boot 3.0 on 24.11.2022. So after 4 1/2 years, it’s finally time to get all those features and updates which did not get released as they would have been a breaking change.

For Spring Boot 3, they also raised the minimum Java version to 17. We’ll talk about new features that got introduced and which features are for Kotlin specifically. We’ll have a look at a diverse set of features. However, this should rather be a rough overview of everything there is.  Unfortunately, at this meetup, we can’t do a deep dive into each of those features. To make this a bit more interesting, we’ll build a Microservice with Kotlin and Spring Boot 3. This will include all the neat new shiny stuff. This presentation is also for my own exploration of the news as I did not have a lot of time to look at those features so far. I’m very interested in it as upgrading to Spring Boot 3 is also on our internal roadmap in the George Team.“


Mario Fleischhacker, Software Engineer at Erste Digital 
“WebAssembly is an open standard designed for running your applications anywhere. As time goes on, more and more programming languages have adopted WebAssembly. Whilst WebAssembly was designed with the browser in mind, it also got traction outside the browser – even spurring Docker to work on an integration. Learn what WebAssembly is, as to why so many developers are targeting WebAssembly. And where Kotlin is in the mix!“


Presentation on WebAssembly

Presentation on WebAssembly

If you want to participate in future meetups or get more information about the Kotlin Vienna Meetup in general: https://www.meetup.com/Kotlin-Vienna/

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