The pleasure of being a Product Owner.

The George Podcast features Mario Brkić, Product Owner for User Relations. Together with his squad, his main job is to bring value to George users. And he does it for the smiles.

Product Owners feel the pulse of users in order to defend their values. The essence of his job, he says, lies in understanding the value of simplicity. Mario’s persistent curiosity for how people think, combined with his genuine determination to simplify their lives, drives him to lead the self-declared “Pleasure Squad” to new ways of measuring user satisfaction. In order to make users’ lives a little easier and put a smile on their face during their George experience. As simple and hard as that.

We can’t make sure that you’re having a great day outside of the George world, but we want to make sure – in every way that we interact with you and in every way that’s in our power – that we’ve actually thought it through enough. That George is easy, simple and done in the best way for you.

Listen to the new episode of the George Podcast below, hosted by yours truly.

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Daniela Goldgruber

Daniela Goldgruber

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