Navigating the UXniverse: Your Guide to the George UX Conf 2023

George UX Conf

Lights. Camera. Action.

The spotlight is hovering over the George UX Conf on 19 October 2023!

Last year’s event had a nice kick-off, but this year’s event will not only be merely the second edition. Transformation, artificial intelligence, and the way-of-work will be this year’s focus topics. Sounds overwhelming? No worries, I got you. Here’s how to properly prepare for the George UX Conf 2023 to get the most from it:

Step 1: Know the Speakers of the George UX Conf! 

What will you do first when you arrive at Erste Campus on 19 October? Correct, register & get your goodie bag. However, there are some things that you can already do in advance. On this day, you don’t want to get run-over by the amount of information that’s awaiting you. One of them is to check out the conference website. There, you’ll find more information about the topics & speakers.  Each speaker provided their bio and topic for the upcoming conference together with their LinkedIn profile. Design experts from traditional banks, neo-banks, and fintech companies will introduce you to their worlds. Speakers from WISE, Deutsche Bank, Bitpanda, and many more will be on-site that day. So it’s good to know their faces in advance.

Step 2: UX Stands for…

If you’re not too familiar with what’s going on in the world of UX design, there are plenty of sources you can consult. From Google to, you can search for the most recent topics & trends. This way you’ll be aware of what our speakers are talking about. Sometimes, it’s not possible to dive too deep into a topic, but that’s not what I recommend. It’s just nice to have ever heard of one thing or another when a speaker addresses it.

PS: Did you know that you can also ask ChatGPT to summarise the latest trends in the field of UX design for you? Give it a try!

Step 3: Engage-meant in the Networking Breaks

With great knowledge of speakers comes the motivation to meet them in person. However, there are not only speakers who are relevant for you (and your career). Peers from UX research, designers, copywriters and many others too attend the conference. Take your time to get to know some of them. It might help you in the future and it’s always nice to get to know new people.

Networking areas on-site

Networking areas on-site

Step 4: Explore Vienna

Now the conference takes place at the Grand Hall at Erste Campus. As Erste Campus lies in the heart of Vienna, the public transport connections are damn fine. Reaching it is as simple as slicing a piece of Sachertorte. If you don’t spend time on Campus, you can explore the vicinity. Next to it, there’s the so-called “Schloss Belvedere” as well as the Schweizer Garten. Both are very nice to stroll around at. If you want to go a bit further, you could also take the underground and go to the first district of Vienna. Visit the St. Stephen’s Cathedral or take a walk in one of Vienna’s beautiful gardens.

Want to Stay Updated about the George UX Conf 2023?

If you want to be always up-to-date, join our LinkedIn Group “Shaping Finances by Design”. There, you can interact with other designers, researchers, and anyone who has a passion for UX design. Share with us your ideas, thoughts, and pitches to inspire everyone away. Other than that, we’re also active on Instagram and Twitter.

Save the date for the George UX Conference 2023 on 19 October for an experience filled with knowledge and fun!

For more information & tickets visit the George UX Conf Website.

view of Erste Campus at Am Belvedere

View of Erste Campus

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