Countdown to 5 million users: George is the leading pan-European banking platform.

5.000 new users per day across Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania: The milestone of 5 million George users is in sight. Still counting …

With the current onboarding rate, George will break into the 5.000.000 on one hot summer day in August. Likely, this milestone will stand somewhere in Romania as Romania is the fastest growing George market right now – among stable growth rates in the other active countries. And as the George app is exceptionally popular in Romania, “No. 5” might smile at George on her/his smartphone, odds-on.

One for all

But whether it’s in Bregenz or Constanta, the George experience for a customer of Sparkasse Bregenz will be pretty much the same as for the one of Banca Comerciala Romana. What does go with a lot of saying, is George’s main principle: being simple, intelligent and personal for all, your unique digital companion though financial life, no matter where you live that life. That makes George not only an Erste Group brand for several countries but a real pan-European banking platform. The leading one, indeed. Who said the CEE region can’t lead the European way to integration?

More Europeans are joining the party soon, as George is ready to conquer the markets in Croatia and Hungary as well. The pilots have already landed, the public market launch will be in 2020. And still counting … the 7th million might soon be celebrated in a 7th George country. The path is open as an API.

Engagement boost

What makes George so popular not only in terms of user numbers shows a different figure: 20 times is the average monthly engagement rate, for the George app alone, there are even more than 25 monthly logins. This is an increase in engagement of 250 percent compared to pre-George times. This performance can be seen across all the 4 currently active George markets.

With the 7th birthday of George just 2 weeks ago, and the 200th birthday of our mother Erste Group ahead, we, the George team, are having a celebrative blast this summer. But the agile work goes on. Features want to be delivered, innovations to be plugged-in, designs to be improved, horizons to be broadened. Prepare for a hot autumn, our 5 million friends!

Dag Erik Zimen

Dag Erik Zimen

Dag, the voice and story-teller of George. As Copy & Communications lead at, he gives George a tonality, a personality, a few typos and hopefully some wittiness.

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