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Julia Zadoorian-Klammer Natalie Korotaeva

Julia is a UX Research Lead, Natalie is a designer, both of them conducting different types of UX research to make George even more user-friendly. When Natalie is not working, she can be found drawing, reading cyberpunk novels, or on a plane, traveling the world. When Julia is not talking to customers, she loves teaching students, spending time with her family and eating the best pizza in Vienna, Disco Volante.

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Switching to remote (and back): UX research during a pandemic.

We all live in a hyper-connected-always-online world. Buying sneakers, talking to our bank advisor or chatting with colleagues over coffee – we can do everything virtually. Let’s have a look at design research and user experience testings. Can we replace all face-to-face interactions with remote alternatives? Is in-person communication vital for human-centred design?

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