How George gets on your phone.

Portraits of Mike Greifeneder and Marcel Zanoni, iOS and Android Chapter Leads who are responsible for developing the George app
Marcel Zanoni and Mike Greifeneder joined the George Podcast to talk about all things developing the George app. Tune in for an episode of intriguing insights, upcoming novelties, and well-kept secrets.

Marcel and Mike are at the heart of developing the George app. They are the chapter leads of the iOS and Android chapter and veterans of George Labs. Both are witnesses of a time in which the George app had the name “George Go”. It offered making transactions on the go – and that was about it. Since then, a lot happened, and even more is still to come.
“The limit is only the imagination of the developers”
This podcast episode brings to you the particularities of an app offered across six countries. The legacy of more than 200 years of banking experience is only one of the challenges, Mike, Marcel and their teams face. Learn about the secrets of how to keep app developers happy and treat yourself to a novelty: Android and iOS developers talking about each other’s platform in lofty terms.

Anna-Lisa Bilis

Anna-Lisa Bilis

Lisa is a copywriter at George Labs. If she had a companion, it would be a copycat. Her passion for (bad) puns is matched only by her love for drawing.

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