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Anna-Lisa Bilis

Lisa is a copywriter at George Labs. If she had a companion, it would be a copycat. Her passion for (bad) puns is matched only by her love for drawing.

Portraits von Zeljka und Ilayda

The George Discovery Hub: Uncovering the Power of Feedback.

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, user experience is key to the success of any digital product. Ensuring that your product meets the needs of your target audience is crucial. Enter the George Discovery Hub. As a matter of fact, it ensures close contact with the users. Users who become a discoverer can make their opinion heard, their feedback matter, and shape the future of George.

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An illustration of gears.

Let’s split the bill.

A problem shared is a problem halved. And so are bills. Holidays, an evening out at a restaurant, or a present for which everybody pitched in– there are many situations in which we wish to have an easy way to split bills. Even better to have such a solution in the same place to which we go to for transactions. George makes banking easy, So why not include a feature to split bills easily?Read More »Let’s split the bill.

a small rocket flying around a planet with the George logo

What makes George smart?

George is personal. George learns. George is your clever personal financial companion. It is easy to say that George is smart. However, the question is why is George considered to be smart? The answer seems to be an obvious one. George is considered to be canny because he offers  intelligent features and functions. Granted. Still, the question remains answered only superficially. What is really interesting are the various reasons for which the users consider George to be smart. And there are more than expected.

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Illustration of an astronaut waving and holding a flag.

Who are the Discoverers?

Power user or occasional user? Pure curiosity or enthusiasm for development? The discoverers are as diverse as George’s features and so is their respective motivation to join the Discovery Hub. Here’s a glimpse behind the scenes to see what distinguishes the discoverers and what unites them.

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About Language, Financial Literacy, and Cultural Implications.

Money is important. But there’s more needed in time of crisis. George speaks Ukraininan now. This way, people who had to flee Ukraine in the face of the Russian war have now access to their finances even if they don’t speak English. It is however, not only about the pure words in a different language but also about habits, cultural impacts and shared knowledge.

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Various people with their respective pronouns written on their clothes to represent gender-inclusive language.

Gender-Inclusive Language – The New Normal

Gender-inclusive language is a topic that ignites heated discussions like few other. Some see in it the demise and doom of language itself. Others advocate the topic whole-heartedly. This article is not about if the use of gender-inclusive language is important but why. 

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