Let’s do Business, George!

Full speed ahead! George is now also going into business. His goal: to make digital banking more convenient and satisfying through simplicity and stability. With George Business, digital banking is now also available with George as your personal companion through your business financial life.

A look back

It has now been 10 years since George first saw the light of day. It all began on 17 July 2012, when the first line of code was written. A lot has happened since then – the number of employees taking care of George and continuously developing him has grown from 20 to several hundred, George already inhabits 6 countries and speaks their language, and he supports almost 9 million people with their financial lives. And as of now, he assists business clients as well.

George wouldn’t be himself if he didn’t want to constantly improve and grow. He has grown up in the meantime, matured and is focused on making the user experience for customers something special. It wasn’t always easy for him to win people over: born into a traditional banking house with a long history, not only bankers had to learn to move with the times and leave traditional paths, but also the users. This is how the change to one of the most modern internet banking systems could be pushed forward.

George Business Dashboard

George Business Dashboard

The next step – George Business

But now comes the next step for George: he has thought about what business banking means for companies. No matter if it is a company with 5 or 500 employees. An important factor is always time, because time is valuable. Companies are not only made up of numbers and balance sheets, behind them are people who want banking that makes their everyday work easier. Employees should be able to concentrate on their core business and not be hindered by banking. It’s not just about looking at where you stand as a company at the moment, but also where you want to go and how you can improve your financial health.

George – and the many people behind him – have thought about all this and more. And so, as a logical step, George Business was born. A banking platform for the future, technically state of the art. George Business is just as intuitive as George and thus offers a consistent customer experience.


The birth of George

Exactly 8 years after the birth of George, the time had come for the next step. On 17 July 2020, George Business also saw the light of day when the first line of code was written. And now he is going live, for a large number of existing customers and all new business customers of Erste Bank and Sparkasse. Many people from over 35 nations have contributed to this success, who are just like George and now also George Business: colourful, always curious and fully motivated. They deserve a big thank you for their tireless commitment, their support and their perseverance. Together we have achieved great things.

What to expect

The Go Live of George Business is the starting point of a journey to set new standards for digital business banking that is ready and scalable for the future. The re-designed business application is constantly evolving, introducing new features and continuously improving the platform. Now and in the future, George stands for digital banking innovation, the smartest system for both worlds: Private and business customers. So that everybody feels “at home” right away.

We are looking forward to a common future. With George, George Business and you, who accompany us on our journey together. Thank you very much.

Tamara Berger-Feichter

Tamara Berger-Feichter

Carinthian in Vienna. With crime novels and thrillers you can always please her. And with good wines from all over the world.

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