What makes George smart?

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George is personal. George learns. George is your clever personal financial companion. It is easy to say that George is smart. However, the question is why is George considered to be smart? The answer seems to be an obvious one. George is considered to be canny because he offers  intelligent features and functions. Granted. Still, the question remains answered only superficially. What is really interesting are the various reasons for which the users consider George to be smart. And there are more than expected.

The requirements, habits of using George, and the purposes for which the customers use George define which functions, features, and financial products are of importance to the users. This in turn decides which value the users attribute to the respective function or feature. A survey conducted among regular users of George shows that the priority that a certain feature or function has also defines the way in which users consider George to be smart.

Transactions made easy

Scanning an IBAN, a payment slip, or an QR code is probably the fastes way to start a new transaction. And the smartest one, according to some of the survey’s participants. These users say that they owe their good user experience to the many comfortable and quick ways to make transactions. A smiliar reason for users to see George as a clever boy is the different types of transactions that he knows. Not only that – his infinite memory is also highly appreciated. This memory allows him to remember all recipients and to automatically fill in or complete information about the recipient. Also attributed to his amazing memory is the comfort of saving templates for all possible ocassions and kinds of payments. Whether it is the regular transaction to pay the rent or the annual monetary gift to a granchild. George remembers. And George also remembers to carry out the transaction all by himself, if the user wishes him to do so. Very smart.

All at first glance

With George, the users have everything at one glance. This impecable overview is another one of the reasons for people interviewd to see George as being smart. Not only presents George information in a tidy and easily accessible way, he also is able to find whatever the user is looking for. Of course he then presents his findings also clearly arranged and in the prefered way. Pie chart or bar diagramm, a list or colour code. George has various ways to bring order to the finances.

Your personal advisor. In your pocket.

Someone who tells you exactly which amount you spend for which category of expenses. In realtime. Someone who learns from the adjustments you made and adapts future data accordingly. Someone who warns you when you are about to exceed a cerrtain budget. This someone is George. Your personal advisor who takes care of your finances so that you have to spend less time thinking about them All of this is something that the users consider as particularly smart. Geoge is always on top of things and has a plethora of useful advises for his users. The latest clever extension of George’s functions is “What would George do?”. Often, it is a relieve to have someone around to ask what they would do in our place. Hence, it is very comforting to know that we can ask someone. And that we can rely on this someone being very smart.

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Anna-Lisa Bilis

Anna-Lisa Bilis

Lisa is a copywriter at George Labs. If she had a companion, it would be a copycat. Her passion for (bad) puns is matched only by her love for drawing.

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