George loves your money. This is why he gives it back.

A screenshot of the moneyback plugin

It’s better to give than to receive. Except when it comes to your money. George wants his users to get something back, even while spending. To achieve that, he teamed up with Dateio to bring the plugin Moneyback to live. The czech fin-tech company is an expert when it comes to cashback and benefit programms. Hence, they are the perfect partner for George to create a plugin that is not only beneficial but is also well thought out.

“At Dateio, revenue growth and attracting new customers is at the heart of our solution. The partnership with George Labs enabled us to enter the markets in three different countries from the very beginning. This was a great basis to reach a large new user base and to pursue the visibility of the Moneyback plugin”.

Ondřej Knot, CEO at Dateio

Ondrej Knot, CEO of Dateio

Moneyback is worth the cash

Moneyback brings back value in different guises to everyone who wants to save while spending. Receiving cashback, vouchers, gifts, and other benefits is how George users can make the most of their shopping via the plugin Moneyback. Once activated, customers can receive all the benefits without any effort. Simply paying via debit card or credit card at partnering merchants is enough. The ease of use is one reason why Moneyback is so popular with George users.  Another reason is that Moneyback keeps its promise of bringing back the value: so far, 3.500.000 € have been paid back to the users so far.

Moneyback is international

Saving money and profiting from a wide range of benefits is a wish not limited to one country. Therefore, George brought Moneyback to Romania, Czech Republic, and Slovakia. The plugin quickly enthralled over one million users in all three countries. The positive respones from George users in different countries made clear that it is worthwile to rollout the plugin in other countries as well. For Dateio it means more potential users with hardly any hussle. The Geoge plugin environment and the close-knit cooperation between the different George countries ensures smooth processes. This means that even more users in different countries will be able to benefit from Moneyback in the near future. George will bring moneyback to the users in Hungary and Austria next.

Anna-Lisa Bilis

Anna-Lisa Bilis

Lisa is a copywriter at George Labs. If she had a companion, it would be a copycat. Her passion for (bad) puns is matched only by her love for drawing.

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