A Story of Openness and Trust

Martin Kobza joined the George Podcast shortly before he leaves his position as Managing Director of George Labs to become COO of Česká spořitelna, one of Georges mother banks, later in 2022. He has acompanied George’s development from the very start. Back then Martin felt that with George something new was born: banking, open as a plattform and open in its culture.

“Open banking” is far more than a buzzword. This proof Georges growth and the prosperous parternships thanks to George’s open API. George has grown from a websolution, running on the laptops of the team members, to an online banking plattform and app spanning over 6 countries. For the future, Martin predicts as many accomplishments as Geogre has already achieved up to now. To him, the secret to success is trust and a high-quality product:

The trust of our customers is an asset. Trust and personal contact are the biggest weapons for our success in the future. This, in combination with an experience that is competitive, and a digital approachability. We think about the customers more than us. And they know that they can trust us. Even in times of crisis, there is always a branch where you get help.

George’s customers know that their trust is honoured. This trust forms the basis for the next step forward. From smart and responding, George should evolve into smart and proactive. That would mean giving advise predictions to help the customers to increase their financial health. For now there is still a way to go. In the meanwhile you can tune in and listen to Martin’s George experience up to now.


Disclaimer: due to technical issues, the sound quality is at some parts impaired. We are deeply sorry and apologise for any inconvenience.

Anna-Lisa Bilis

Anna-Lisa Bilis

Lisa is a copywriter at George Labs. If she had a companion, it would be a copycat. Her passion for (bad) puns is matched only by her love for drawing.

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