It started with a name: A personality affects UX for millions

The George Podcast is here. And it came here to stay. Get ready to meet the people who give banking a name. Find out what they’re working on, what inspires them and how they create experiences for 5 million users across Europe.

With its first episode, the newly launched series of interviews introduces the work, thoughts and genius of our Lead Copywriter and Head of George Communication, Dag Zimen. Who, with his brilliantly playful writing, turned lines of code into a recognisable persona. George is friendly and helpful, and surprises with his genuinity. He is intelligent without being a know-it-all. And charmes with his most admired trait: George has just the right amount of wit up his sleeve.

If you give a name to a product, you also need to give it a personality. Which had many effects on the style of copy and the tone of voice.

Listen to the new episode of the George Podcast below, hosted by Michael Lee.

Stay tuned for more episodes coming your way!

Dag Erik Zimen

Dag Erik Zimen

Dag, the voice and story-teller of George. As Copy & Communications lead at, he gives George a tonality, a personality, a few typos and hopefully some wittiness.

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