Let’s split the bill.

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A problem shared is a problem halved. And so are bills. Holidays, an evening out at a restaurant, or a present for which everybody pitched in– there are many situations in which we wish to have an easy way to split bills. Even better to have such a solution in the same place to which we go to for transactions. George makes banking easy, So why not include a feature to split bills easily?

The beginning are the needs. The starting point of developing an adequate solution is understanding the users’ expectation and requirements. Here, the Discovery Hub comes into play. It has the tools and access to a large user pool to quickly get answers to burning questions. In an online-survey, 95 users gave insights into their habits and ways to split bills. The participants also provided ideas and wishes for the – in their opinion – ideal bill splitting feature.

Keep it flexible

The findings show a variety of different user behaviour with regards to splitting bills. The biggest difference between the users is the frequency in which they split bills. Most of the persons interviewed said that they split bills only occasionally. The second most frequent answer was that they split bills and expenses quite frequently. So, basically: the users either split bills very often or rather seldomly. The frequency covers everything, from several times a week to only a few times a year. Around 58% of the participants stated that they split bills at least once a month. The majority of the users also said that they would split bills more often, if they had a tool to make it easy. This is of course a motivational factor to develop a digtial solution that supports George’s users in this regard. The differences in the user behaviour also make clear that there is a high demand for a flexible tool. The more the users may customise the feature, the more it will meet their needs.

Make a wish

Almost all of the users who particpated in the survey had their own ideas of what they want to see in a feature to split bills. All those wishes are based on the specific user needs and requirements. Efficiency is the highest priority for the majority of the participants. To guarantee a fast way of splitting bills, the users provided ideas such as automated calculations or  auto fill in of data. The participants also consider creating and storing templates as very helpful in order to split bills quickly. Certainly the fastes way to split bills would include the possibility to start transactions or send payment requests without having to leave the feature. Next to efficiency, another query of thep participants is clarity and transparency. For an overview that provides all data at one glance, the users named the possibility to show activities in customiseable timespans as a helpful function. They also consider it useful to see with whom they split bills previously and store these people’s account information for future use.

A glimpse into the future

With this comprehensive list of needs, requirements, ideas, and wishes the first step is made. The first of many. The technical feasability and legal requirements are the decisive factors when it comes to turning a vision into reality. But no dream is too big and no feature to complex. At leas not for George. So, let’s see what the future — or rather George’s developers — brings. Developing a new feature is somehow like a playground. Geo-based functions, customisable ratios for splitting bills, an automatically created template, the possibility to attach bills in form of screenshots or photos … You name it. If it contributes to a smooth and comfortable user experience, George will make it happen.

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Anna-Lisa Bilis

Anna-Lisa Bilis

Lisa is a copywriter at George Labs. If she had a companion, it would be a copycat. Her passion for (bad) puns is matched only by her love for drawing.

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