Vouchers+ puts the fun in shopping.

A screenshot of the vouchers+ plugin

George knows that not everything is about investing and saving. Money is for spending, too. To make sure that his users get more out of their purchases, George has brought the fintech company OptioPay on board.This company specialised in purchasing benefits developed the plugin Vouchers+ together with George.  Thanks to this plugin, expenses don’t have to be expensive.

Buy one, get more

Let’s say you buy something for 100€ and someone sponsores your purchase with additional 10€. Sounds good? That is how the plugin Vouchers+ works. It offers vouchers that can be bought directly in the plugin. Each one is topped up with extra value. Thus, each voucher comes with added value as a personal bonus for the boosted shopping fun. What is your favourite way to make purchases: clicking trough virtual shops or rather strolling through real stores? Vouchers+ gurantees beneftis either way since the vouchers can be used both online and in the respective stores. The choice of different merchants who joined the benefit programm ensures that there is something for everyone. Local retailers and international top-notch brands, from apparel to pet supplies. To keep the shopping simple and fun, the vouchers are all stored in your George. No paper chaos, no forgetting any coupons. Everything is only one click away with the George App.

Adding value

Enabling the plugin in both George web and the app, OptioPay has secured an ever-growing number of 1.9 million potential users as of today. Since the launch of the plugin, George store has brought the plugin into the view and the everyday life of the users. Among them are many who enjoy the simple way of money-saving that Vouchers+ offers. For now, users in Austria can enjoy the plugin but the whole George-horizon is open to OptioPay. The agile and flexible George environment enables the partner to expand their scope easily and bring their plugin to other countries in no time. George provides full support for such ventures, since he wants the best of money matters for all of his users, wherever they are.

Anna-Lisa Bilis

Anna-Lisa Bilis

Lisa is a copywriter at George Labs. If she had a companion, it would be a copycat. Her passion for (bad) puns is matched only by her love for drawing.

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