Who are the Discoverers?

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Power user or occasional user? Pure curiosity or enthusiasm for development? The discoverers are as diverse as George’s features and so is their respective motivation to join the Discovery Hub. Here’s a glimpse behind the scenes to see what distinguishes the discoverers and what unites them.

So far, the Discovery Hub heard the voices of 193 participants in 144 interviews. The team of the Discovery Hub asked employees about their opinion on certain topics to get feedback of those, who accompanied the development processes. The most important voices, however, are the ones of George’s users. Hence, they made up the bigger portion of the participants in the interviews. Customers make up 76% – in comparison to the 24% of employees – of the people interviewed.

Being a discoverer is to be part of the development

One reason to join the Discovery Hub given repeatedly, is the wish to participate in the further development of George. These discoverers stated that they see and appreciate the huge potential of George and like to contribute by bringing in ideas to shape his future.

“I’m curious to see how George develops and would love to be a part of further journey.”

Only the best wishes

One factor that we see among all Discoverers is the love for George. All of the persons interviewed stated that they enjoy using George and consider him as their trusted personal financial companion. Their excitement about the profound development and constant improvement of George is what motivates them to be part of the Discovery Hub. They want to form part of the future journey and contribute their visions, ideas, and inspiration to this.

“Where is George headed? What are the current visions for the future? My wish would be for George to continue to be the leading digital banking.”

One George, many types of users

Our discoverers are a mirror of the diverse user group of George. They differ from each other in their habits of using George, their demands on their digital banking, and the products they use. For all the diversity, there are again some common features. Surveys, discussion rounds, and focus groups showed that George’s users can be grouped together, depending on the respective aspect of user behaviour in question. Factors that unite or divide users are for example age, income, and the purpose for which they use George. Saving money is one of the topics where we can see the division clearly. With regards to this topic age,  is the decisive factor

Among the users between 40 and 60 years it shows that

– They save less regularly

– They have more than one savings account

– They value flexibility when saving


For the users between 25 and 39 years it can be said that

– They have different savings accounts for different purposes

– They save smaller amounts less regularly

– They have larger amounts according to availability


With regards to controlling expenses there are three different types of users: “the overviewer”, “the player”, and “the full-potential categoriser. As their name tells, the first type is satisfied with a skin-deep overview of the expensed. To them, the automatic categorisation of expenses carried out by the PFM (Personal Finance Manager) is enough to stay on top of their finances. “The full-potential-categoriser” uses all or most of the tools George offers to handle the own expenses. For example they use expense limits, watchdogs, and automated own transfers to their savings accounts. “The player” is a mix of the other two types. They appreciate the overview that the PFM provides them with but do not invest much time and effort in sorting their expenses. The users of this type use functions such as customised categorisations only occasionally.

Data, data, and more data.

A lot of information and data is gathered by the Discovery Hub. This is not only highly useful when it comes to new features and functions that need to be tested but also to refine and improve existing ones. The findings presented above are very useful insights to provide adequate saving tools and options for the age group between 40 and 60. The typification of the users with regard to their expense management shows that despite being very powerful, features and functions should take as little time and effort to use as possible. With this in mind, George’s developer can design the next function or feature so that it accommodates the users’ requirements from the very beginning on. All for an even better George.


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Anna-Lisa Bilis

Anna-Lisa Bilis

Lisa is a copywriter at George Labs. If she had a companion, it would be a copycat. Her passion for (bad) puns is matched only by her love for drawing.

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